Spinal Compression Fractures: Getting A Diagnosis And Understanding Treatment Options

If you have been experiencing a lot of severe back pain after getting into a car accident, it may be a good idea to have your back checked out by a physician. There is a chance you have a spinal compression fracture. It is not uncommon for a fracture like this to occur due to the impact of the crash that occurs when people get into car accidents. It is important to undergo an evaluation and get a proper diagnosis so that you can ultimately receive the right treatment for the pain you are experiencing. [Read More]

3 Gift Ideas For The Grandparent Who's Suffering From Osteoporosis

Are you wondering what types of gift options your grandparent will enjoy now that you've learned that they are suffering from osteoporosis? Here are a few fun options that just may meet your loved one's needs and preferences: A Trip to an Amusement Park If your grandparent hasn't been to an amusement park in years or has never experienced time in one, a day trip to Disneyland or Dollywood might be in order. [Read More]

Stair Lift Questions And Concerns Addressed

Those that suffer from mobility impairing medical problems may find that they are unable to safely access the upper floors of their homes. This is often due to an inability to safely and comfortably walk up the stairs to this part of the home. By installing a stair lift, it is possible to reclaim this part of your house, and learning more about these devices may help you to decide whether this is a suitable upgrade for your house. [Read More]

Hitting Rock Bottom: Drug Addiction Help That Can Reveal If You Are All The Way Down

The phrase "hit rock bottom" is quite common when describing a drug or alcohol addiction, and you may even hear it a lot in group therapy sessions and treatment programs. If you have not yet joined a drug treatment program or sought drug addiction help, you may be wondering if you have even hit rock bottom. The fact that you are thinking about it suggests that you understand that you have a problem, but maybe you need a little help in recognizing what " [Read More]