3 Ways A Surgeon Can Treat Your Child's Microtia

The birth of a child is an important milestone in the lives of many parents. Discovering that your child has a congenital condition upon his or her birth can be devastating. Some children are born with malformed or missing ears. This is a condition known as microtia. Fortunately, microtia can be treated surgically to restore the appearance of a normal ear once your child is old enough to withstand the rigors of surgery. [Read More]

Is It Possible You Have A Kiwi Allergy? What You Should Know

One of the more common food allergies that people do not know much about is an allergy to kiwis. Kiwi fruit are quite popular in fruit salads and many dishes, especially in combination with strawberries. The problem is that many people could have a kiwi allergy without realizing it until they have a severe reaction. And even then, if the kiwi is mixed in with something, they might not recognize the issue right away. [Read More]

3 Tips For Being An Athlete Who Wants To Conceive A Child

Many of the discussions related to fertility are about not being over or underweight, and generally living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is less discussion about athletes and the struggles they may face with conception, especially because adherence to a strict diet and workout routine might be the underlying problem. Aim For Normal Cycles One of the major clues that you might face fertility concerns is having abnormal cycles. It is not uncommon for athletes to either lose their period or have a period at irregular intervals. [Read More]

Three Ways To Keep All Health Products Healthy In Your Convenience Store

It is common for convenience stores to carry health and medical products. This includes cold medicines, contraceptives, pain medication, and first aid kits. It is important to make sure that these products are all up to date and kept in good condition. Since convenience stores are easiest to get to, they are perfect places to hold over-the-counter medication. Here are three ways to keep your health and medical products healthy to be sure that they are in good condition for your customers. [Read More]